Turnkey Manufacturing
By Choosing Runner, here are the benefits for you:
Low Cost Development/Production
Our engineers cost only a third of what it would take to retain an engineer in the US or Europe, but they work more effectively, because they are here, right next to the manufacturing plants in China, and know to get things done here. In addition, each worker will be cost more than one third when compares with the same worker in the western society. Thus, this means that you are capable to minimize your investment from the very beginning.
Low Unit Cost
We can offer you prices that are substantially lower because the product we are a one stop manufacturer. We do your saving from the start including sourcing cheaper components, advice your design to fully utilize the local manufacturing conventions, and avoiding possible snares and time wasting.

Low Management Cost
With our professionalism and experience, we are capable to foresee possible negative consequence and advising you before it shows up during your project development. That means you don't need to fly to Eastern every other week, saving your time, effort and expense.

Reliable Quality
With Runner, we are a manufactory that is qualified by both ISO9001 and QS9000. This demonstrate our ability and providing you sufficient confident of our product's quality.

In-Factory Quality Control Lab
Within Runner, it has a 250m2 isolated laboratory and equipped with over 30 testing devices such as Salt Spray, Thermal Shock, Air Heating Chamber, Air Cooling Chamber, and etc¡K The in-house lab is shorten the time for the lab test and minimize the cost of your production.

Now you can minimize your investment on both engineer and production. Moreover, we give you access to an extremely scalable pool of development and manufacturing talent in China, on an as-needed basis. The flexibility makes provide you the ability in different area that will makes you capable to increase your competency.

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