Operating Philosophy
Sincerity, Satisfaction, Rationality, Harmony and Progress
Business Goal
Customer Satisfaction and Continuous Prosperity

Runner Group, founded in 1978, with 40 years of stable development, has now grown into a leading manufacturer and an innovative pilot within the industry of sanitary fittings.
Over the past decades, with a solid faith of "repaying the country with industry", an unchangeable morale of "standing to goodness, bearing hardships to success" and an eternal mission of "being eager to innovate, advocating quality and respecting customers", Runner has been engaged in adopting new techniques, developing parts and units, providing a wide range of high-quality products and perfecting after-sale services throughout the world.

Sincerity, satisfaction, rationality, harmony and progress are generalized as Runner's operating philosophy, which, together with the service policy and the corresponding entities, namely customer, product, system, relation and team, can be expressed by a perfect dial with three concentric circles shown below, meaning that a Runner Group towards perfection can be upbuilded through a definite customer-oriented goal.

Runner's business goal can be expressed by customer satisfaction and continuous prosperity, of which the former serves as the central task and core value, the latter a changeless target. Runner attaches great importance to customers' needs, always provides products of good quality and spares no effort to resolve their problems. People here are aiming to meet or exceed customers' expectations and reach the said goal by means of initiating a reciprocal situation to balance clients' needs with Runner's own mission.

The Operating Philosophy & Service Policy.
The Operating Philosophy & Service Policy

Service Policy
For years, Runner has always focused its attention on customers' expectations, carried out technical innovations and provided products and services of quality on request. So far, the company has exported 18 series, over 500 specific items all over the world.

Facing the ever-changing and more competitive market, Runner will take an active attitude to provide best products and services as usual. In order to serve customers in the round, besides professional trainings for the staff, Runner will also reinforce its inner inspections, upgrade team spirits, refuse to manufacture, accept or deliver defective products, aim at "0" defect and timely delivery, conduct detailed surveys of customer satisfaction, respond to and deal with customers' claims positively, collect market information and develop new products to meet various demands.

By upgrading existing techniques, introducing new crafts and adopting QS 9000, Runner will continue to provide customers with even better products and services, realizing the perspective of "embracing the world and sales for the world " in the long run.

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